Artist Profile: Audrey Funk

Name: Audrey Funk

Hometown: Renton, WA

Current City/Neighborhood: Burlington, WA

Your Medium/Craft: Acrylic on Canvas

Years doing your craft: 25


How did you first get started in your craft?

My grandmother was an incredible artist and taught me how to paint at a young age. I’ve been painting ever since. I am a high school art teacher, and art has always been very important to me. I began sharing my art about five years ago, and have gained a small following since then.

Favorite Artist(s) and/or Inspirations?

My favorite artist is an illustrator named Basil Gogos. He was known for his paintings of classic monsters for the covers of the magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland.


What’s the most challenging part of being an artist, or something you had to overcome?

I struggle with severe anxiety, depression and PTSD from my past. I channeled the hurt and pain from my past and pour that energy into my art. I have grown tremendously as an artist since coming out of abusive relationships and learning to love myself.

How can people be supportive of the arts?

Buy artwork, buy prints or originals. Share artwork on social media as well.

Favorite quote and/or words to live by?

Life’s a garden.., dig it.


What's next for you?

I’m currently working on some commission pieces and looking forward to vending at conventions in the near future.

Where can people see more of your art?

Instagram, Facebook and my website.

Meet Audrey Saturday, September 28 at BobaKhan Toys & Collectables
More info here

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