Here's some of our most frequently asked questions.

Last updated: 6-29-18

Is it Live in Everett like, "I live in a barn full of cows."? Or Live in Everett like, "hey man, you wanna go see a live concert this weekend?"?
Well technically it's live like living in a barn full of cows. But, truth be told, it's whatever you want it to be.

Can I write for your blog?
Please do! Check out our submission guidelines here

Does Tyler dye his hair?
No. Well, at least he claims he doesn't.

How is Live in Everett funded?
Live In Everett is 100% independent and primarily generates revenue from our awesome sponsors and advertisers. We currently operate at a loss, but we are working on trying to become profitable and sustaianable. 

Will you advertise my event?
For sure. We have multiple options available for advertising events starting as low as $20. E-mail us and we'll get you more info. If you don't have a budget to advertise your event,  you can still e-mail us a link and if we have time we'll try and get it listed on our events calendar.

How do I advertise or become a sponsor on Live In Everett?
If you're interested advertising with us, please let us know, and we're happy to provide more info. 

What is "Partner Content" or "Sponsored Content?"
If a post is labeled as "Partner/Sponsored Content" that means there was an exchange of money for that post to be produced.  All thoughts and opinions are always our own, though. We also reserve the right to choose who we partner with. Thanks for supporting our partners that help make Live In Everett possible.

Why don't you share more Everett homes for sale?
We can't share homes for sale without written permission from the listing agent. If you're interested in having your home featured, whether its for sale or not, your best off contacting us directly and we'd love to chat more about it.

Why is your grammar so badd?
Wait what? JK, we know we have grammar errors sometimes. We work fast and do the best we can with what we have. If we have to choose between perfect grammar or more content, we're choosing more content.

Something not on the list?
Email your questions to us at: Contact@LiveInEverett.com or leave us a voicemail