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If you haven't caught on just yet, we kind of dig Everett and its small business scene. In order to highlight the best around, we present you: The EVVY Awards, an Everett-centric contest where we award Everett's best.

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Below you will find guides to Everett's Best:

BBQ, Breakfast, Brewery, Burger, Coffee Shop, Date Spot, Donuts, Fish & Chips, Happy Hour, Sandwich, Sweet SpotTeriyaki, Thai

Hair Salon/Barber Shop, Tattoos, Gym, Nail Salon, Friendliest Staff

Best Eats

Best Donut Shop

Crowned January 2016 The pastry of policemen, the breakfast of champions, and coffee's only true friend. Everett's donut shops are no stranger to these sugar-comas-waiting-to-happen, but who among them is the best?

Best Happy Hour

Crowned March 2016 It's been a long day at work, and it's your turn to pick the venue for your after-work shenanigans with friends and coworkers. Here are Everett's top three best happy hour restaurants in Everett.


best Burger

Crowned April 2016 Burger cravings happen, and when they do, you can find the best burger joints in Everett with this handy dandy, crowd-sourced list. Let the cravings begin.

Best Fish & Chips

Crowned June 2016 Living right next to the water, Everett knows a thing or two about good fish. Time to get your hand wipes ready, because you're about to inhale some of Everett's best fish and chips.


Best brewery

Crowned August 2016 Did you know Everett has 6 different breweries?! We went through the labor of checking them all out for you, aren't we sweet? Check out the top three (or all 6) of Everett's favorite breweries.

BEST Date spot

Anniversary? First date? Forever alone? We've found the top 3 (or rather 2) best restaurants to take that hot date of yours. Or, eat alone. Whatever is your style.


Best Coffee Shop

Crowned November 2016 If there's one thing people in these parts get nit-picky about it's their morning cup o' joe. Get your caffeine fix at one of these three Everett-based coffee shops.

best Sweet Spot

Crowned February 2017 Need a spot to help build your tooth cavity collection? Look no further than this list of Everett's best sugar-coated eateries.



Crowned March 2017 Whether you like your chicken teriyaki drowning in sauce, or your rice in the shape of a football, you'll love all of Everett's best teriyaki joints.

Best Breakfast JOINT

Crowned April 2017 Everett is one of the best places in the area to get some hearty breakfast grub, and thanks to us you now have four top notch spots to try. Get on it!


BEST BBQ joint

Crowned June 2017 As long as it's slathered with BBQ sauce and accompanied by a good slaw, anything can be BBQ, right? Congrats to J & L BBQ Everett for winning Everett's Best BBQ!

Best Sandwich Shop

Crowned July 2017 The qualifications: must be served between two slices of bread. The results: well, that's for you to find out. Is it lunch time yet?


Best Thai restaurant

Crowned October 2017 Officially the spiciest category of Everett. What's your spice level? Because you're gonna want to try it out at this month's winner.


Everett's Best Pizza Joint

Crowned March 2018 So many different, delicious toppings, how do you choose? Don't worry, we've done the hard part of finding the best pie in Everett for you.

AdobeStock_115262838 Chinese Food.jpeg

Best Chinese Food

Crowned November 2017 Whether you're looking for classy American-ized Chinese food or traditional Cantonese, these top winners are sure to please your wonton cravings.

Best Services

Best Hair Salon/Barber Shop

Crowned September 2016 The hardest thing about moving to a new city is finding the right barber or hair stylist that understands how to make your hair not look stupid. We got the most votes ever with this one, so go get your hair cut with confidence at one of Everett's best hair salons or barber shops.

BEST tattoo shop

Crowned October 2016 Your dream of getting a life-size watercolor owl tattooed on your back just became a reality. Spend your coin at a tattoo shop that you can trust. We've done the research, so get inked with confidence.


Best Fitness Spot

Crowned January 2017 Training for a triathlon? Working off holiday calories? Or maybe you just like making your body ripped? We've done the research, and now it's time to find out where the best fitness spot is in Everett.


Crowned August 2017 Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, but these local businesses know how to treat you like family. Find out which entities want to to treat you right, and the one that trumped them all for Everett's friendliest staff.


Best Nail Salon

Crowned September 2017 Whether you need to get fancy for a holiday shindig or just want everyday to sparkly, you deserve a nail tech you can trust to make those fingers dazzle. Put your hands in our hands with our list of best nail salons.

house 2.jpg


Crowned February 2018 Buying a house is a chore in itself, especially in this market. Here's a list of the true pros you can trust with finding (or selling) home sweet home.

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