Everett Top 5 Picnic Spots

With the weather warming, it's prime picnic season. Here are 5 our favorite places in Everett to picnic with friends.

1. Grand Avenue Park

Grand park.jpg

The best views on the prettiest street in town. How could you not love this place? There's only 1 picnic table, though. So bring your blankie.

2. Legion Park
If you want more than 1 picnic table to fight over and have kids, Legion Park may be more your speed. Legion has plenty of seating, a playground, and loads of other amenities like bathrooms, tennis courts, an arboretum (currently under construction), trails, a sweet view point, and plenty of space for frisbee and shenanigans.

3. Pigeon Creek AKA 'Secret Beach' 
This is for when you're feeling slightly more adventurous, because Pigeon Creek requires about a mile walk, or bike ride (the path is paved). You'll find a small beach with driftwood for sitting, 1 picnic table and the amount of space you have varies with the tidal changes (way more space when the tide is out). Pigeon Creek kind of makes you feel like you've "gotten away" without going far. 

4. Silver Lake Park

Technically it's called "Thornton A. Sullivan Park", but we hear most people just call it Silver Lake Park. The park is on Silver Lake (of course), and there's plenty to do. From a large playground, to ping pong, to a really fun 9-basket frisbee golf course. 

5. Jetty Island

Take the free ferry in the Summer, and enjoy the nicest beach in Everett (or anywhere in the Seattle area for that matter). Jetty Island is truly remarkable. The sand is soft, the water is shallow and therefore gets pretty warm on sunny Summer days. It seriously feels like you're at the beach. Oh, and while you enjoy your picnic, you can also watch the world-class kite boarders do their thing. Not a bad setting for a picnic. Not bad at all.

These are just our top 5 places for a picnic in Everett. Maybe you have your own? Or perhaps another Everett Top 5 you'd like to share? Drop us a line, and share what's good! If we use your 'Everett Top 5' we'll even hook you up with some free swag.

Happy picnic-ing,

-Garret + Tyler
Everett Advocates + Real Estate Agents


Garret and Tyler are the founders of Live in Everett. They play racquetball three times per week (Tyler always wins, but only because he has longer arms) and they sell real estate.