#LiveInEverett October Top Picks

Everett, you’re looking beautiful in autumn. So beautiful that we wanted to share these #liveineverett posts with you. Happy fall! 🍂

Hey so like… can we come hang out in your front yard? We have our own lawn chairs. 😎

The fall foliage in Everett is sublime. Glad you got a pic of the trees before the fog rolled in! ☁️

Nothing like a visit to Rucker’s Tomb to really set October into motion. 🦇🎃

We love where we live, too. ❤️

Howarth Park is a very serene place in autumn. 🍂

@sweet_walls_of_everett is one of our new favorite Instagram accounts. Check them out for some, well, sweet walls around Everett! 🏢

Fall means we have “sky on fire” sunsets. 🌆

Oh man look at those milk swirls. LOOK AT THEM! 👀

From the city to the farmland. We have it all in Everett. 💕

That's it for this month's #liveineverett. Want to be featured in next month's post? Make sure to use #liveineverett in your Everett shots on Instagram. Keep on spreading that Everett goodness, friends!


Henry J is a writer and editor for Live in Everett and produces the Live in Everett Podcast.