#LiveInEverett November Top Picks

How is it nearly December already? Man this year flew by. Let’s celebrate November with these top #liveineverett shots from you.

The trestles are beautiful… when you’re not stuck in traffic, that is. Great shot! 📸

That view! That car! We call shotgun. 🚗💨

You can see some amazing views of the sound on the Sounder. Wait—is that why its called the Sounder? 🚃

I’m sure getting up early for soccer isn’t that great, but with weather like that, who cares? ⚽️

It’s like a giant beacon calling us. Anyone down for a cup? ☕️

Here’s some more coffee and more good things. We wrote an article about Riverside Trading not too long ago. Check them out for vintage goodies! 🛍


I guess November *was* relatively sunny! ☀️

Can’t beat those rare winter sunsets over the marina. 💕

That's it for this month's #liveineverett. Want to be featured in next month's post? Make sure to use #liveineverett in your Everett shots on Instagram. Keep on spreading that Everett goodness, friends!


Henry J is a writer and editor for Live in Everett and produces the Live in Everett Podcast.