Prepping for the Yum Run? Try These Routes

As you may know, the great and mighty Yum Run is right around the corner. The sun’s out, the air is fresh. It’s time to lace up your trainers to gobble up some pavement. Here are your best bets for logging miles for Yum Run training, or for your general Everett running pleasure. 


About 6 miles long, the run is perfect for training for a moderate-to-long distance, like a 10k or a half marathon. The route offers glimpses of the Snohomish River and beautiful views of Possession Sound. 


Here’s a cool running path-- literally. If you hit Colby Avenue North of 19th street, runners are shaded by trees on the sides of the street and in the median. Also, the wind coming from the water helps to keep things chill. The route features a big hill by the hospital, which is great for strength training (nothing builds the calves like a steady uphill jaunt). 


Ideal for a long jog, this trail technically goes all the way to North Seattle. If you’re trying to build endurance, get on the trailhead near 41st Street and go out and back. This is one of the secrets to building stamina-- run as far out as you can and then you’re forced to double that distance to return to your starting point. 


Love trail running? Try this path back into a wetlands preserve. Enjoy the spicy smell of bark in the sunlight as you trot in the shade of mighty cedars. Moderate hills and gently winding paths are a pleasure to navigate and you could run the loop a few times, depending on how many miles you want to log in your workout.


Not all runners are distance runners. I like the self-contained circular walking paths at these Riverside-area parks because I can run a few laps or do a several-mile jaunt in increments. There’s something meditative about running in circles over and over.

What does your Yum Run training routine look like? Leave us a comment below. Can’t wait to see you on August 24!

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Richard Porter is a writer for Live in Everett.