#LiveinEverett: January Picks

Happy new year everyone! Things have slowed down a bit since the holiday season came to a close, but that didn't stop Everett from being beautiful. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this month's best #liveineverett pics of Instagram.

Also, those donuts on the header image are from Despi Delite Bakery on Broadway. And yes, they are as good as they look.

1. OEA rocked the other night at Black Lab Gallery. Everett's lucky to have such an awesome photographer like @housetornado to document these shows. See all four photos in the set here.

2. We agree with @villioa, the Lowell Waterfront is a great place for a peaceful stroll.

3. Looks like Farms & Market's new space is coming along slowly but beautifully.

4. If you don't follow #SundayswithTomandRyan, we think it's time you do. Check out their video on Instagram. One more reason to love Narrative.

5. Moody set of yoga with a side of a craft mimosa? I'm there @catalystyoganw.

6. Loving this shot of a foreboding New Year's day moon by @wendycasper.

7. Better safe than sorry. After all, that's some precious cargo. Just one of @liveineverett's weekend shenanigans.

8. Oh. My. Goodness. One question @hotsauce426, did you finish it all by yourself?

9. Check out @treemspnw gallery of sunset pics from our lovely Everett Waterfront. My fav is #3.

10. That one time we went to Everett's Best Thai Restaurant and got the tastiest item on the menu.

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Happy New Year!


Anna is an Everett-based graphic designer who eats donuts more often than clinicians deem "healthy". She also hangs with Tyler and Garret at Live in Everett, helping manage the daily doings of the site.