Everett Sounds Vol. 1. Digital Download

Everett Sounds Vol. 1. Digital Download


Everett Sounds Volume One is a celebration of Everett music and art. 12 Everett bands, 12 original songs and really killer cover art by local artist Alex Vincini.

Tracks include:

  • I Will Keep Your Ghost - Sleep
  • Fauna Shade - Marzipan
  • Leava - Crutch
  • Jason Webley - Pyramid
  • TELLERS - Punching Bag
  • Oliver Elf Army - Bellevue Brats
  • Crystal Desert - Monolithica
  • Campion - The Withering Oak
  • Jess Lambert - Creature of Fear
  • The Porters - Springtime Porch Composition
  • Johnny Lee Ledford - Burn This City
  • The Moon is Flat - The Good Trip
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