The EVVY Awards: Everett's Best Sweet Spot Winner

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First off, thank you to everyone that voted, we had a great turnout. It's always great to see how much you all love Everett. We kinda love it too. 

The votes have been tallied, and we have the winners of the February EVVYs for Everett's Best Sweet Spot! Let's begin!

In 3rd place: a tie! Karl's Bakery and Cafe & Katya's Bakery

Both Everett classics, one in North Everett and one in South Everett. Need a cake for your anniversary party? We can give Karl's a great review! Need to satisfy a craving for European baked goods? Katya's is your bakery.

Karl's Location:
2814 Wetmore Avenue
Monday – Friday: 7 AM-4 PM
Saturday: 8 AM-2 PM
Closed Sunday

Katya's Location:
12811 8th Ave West
Monday - Saturday: 10 AM-9 PM
Closed Sunday

In 2nd place: Snax (now closed)

2701 Wetmore Avenue

And in 1st place...The New Mexicans!

In case you didn't guess, we're kind of fans of theirs. Not only do they serve up some awesome cinnamon rolls, but they have a great dessert menu filled with strawberry shortcake, fresh pies, and German chocolate cake (just to name a few).

1416 Hewitt Ave
Sunday - Thursday: 10 AM-9 PM,
Friday & Saturday: 10 AM-10 PM

An ooey gooey cinnamon roll from The New Mexicans.

An ooey gooey cinnamon roll from The New Mexicans.


Honorable Mention: Petite Sweet (they were in a very close 4th place).

Congrats to all the winners! Thanks for making Everett a sweet place to be.

Now that you've had dessert, it's time for lunch! Check out the March EVVY Awards for Everett's Best Teriyaki!

Stay sweet,

Live In Everett Team
Everett Advocates + Realtors