Good Eats - The New Mexicans

The best part about being a newcomer in Everett is discovering places that everyone else has good stories about. The New Mexicans happens to be one of those places.

After compiling the list of places to vote on for the February EVVY Awards, a few new sweet spots were added to my list of places to try. When I heard about the infamous cinnamon rolls at The New Mexicans, I knew they had to be my first stop.

First things first, The New Mexicans is not a Mexican restaurant. Sure, they enjoy their bit of spice here and there, but these guys serve up food from New Mexico. Think tumbleweeds, not sombreros.

 Chill decor, comfy seating, and a wide variety of tables for all group sizes.

Chill decor, comfy seating, and a wide variety of tables for all group sizes.

My husband and I decided to dine on a Saturday morning, because there's no better time to have a cinnamon roll than for breakfast, am I right? After being greeted as we walked in the door, we quickly grabbed a seat close to the window at the only circular table in the house. The table also doubled as a checkers board, win-win. I noticed there were plenty of tables to choose from that could accommodate groups of all sizes. They also have a large table out back on the patio that I hear is awesome in the Summer.

After looking through the menu, we decided to split a cinnamon roll and The Stacker, which includes biscuits and spicy gravy, 3 eggs, bacon, and smothered potatoes.

It was when the cinnamon roll arrived that we realized our wonderful, gluttonous mistake.

The cinnamon rolls are monsters. Caked with icing and the size of my face, we both stared down at our sugar-coated future. We had heard that they were massive, but nothing could have prepared us for this giant piece of dough.

We tried to eat as much of the roll as we could, looking at each other with each bite, swooning over its hot cinnamon swirls, but we knew there was more to come. We pushed the cinnamon roll aside, wishing our stomachs could handle the whole thing in one sitting. One to-go box, please.

And then, The Stacker came. Okay, better make that two to-go boxes.

 Half of The Stacker: 2 slices of bacon, 2 biscuits (or one biscuit cut in half, too large to tell), two eggs, and a massive helping of seasoned potatoes.

Half of The Stacker: 2 slices of bacon, 2 biscuits (or one biscuit cut in half, too large to tell), two eggs, and a massive helping of seasoned potatoes.

Conveniently, if you want to split an entree, they just add $1 onto the price then bring it out on two plates. What we didn't know is that they increase the amount of food you get too. Instead of a total of 3 eggs and three slices of bacon, you get two eggs and two slices of bacon each.

Oh lordy, what had we done.

I'm not a huge spicy food person, but the gravy on top of these biscuits was hot and creamy all at the same time. Each bite I took only made me want more. The potatoes on the side were seasoned with fairy dust that lifted me straight into heaven (and I'm from Idaho, so that's saying something folks).

The bacon was thick and crispy. The biscuits soaked up the gravy like it was their dying wish. And did I mention those potatoes?

 The remnants of our food battle.

The remnants of our food battle.

We both slumped in our chairs, marveling at how much food we didn't eat, satisfaction filling our bellies. Without a doubt, this was the best breakfast I had ever had.

I laughed and told my husband, "I know what I'm eating for dinner. And breakfast tomorrow. And maybe lunch tomorrow, too."

I think it goes without saying, but I really love food. However, one thing I love even more is seeing good people make good food.

While I was enjoying my food coma, my husband was paying closer attention to what was going on around us. As we all know, Downtown Everett is a place where many homeless folks roam. A few feet outside The New Mexicans' front door, there was one man outside in the rain.

The owners packaged up a tin of hot food, walked outside, and gave this man a free meal with a smile.

All you people at The New Mexicans, thanks for being good people that make good food. Thanks for helping make Everett a great place to be.

The New Mexicans
1416 Hewitt Ave
(425) 512-9705
Sunday, Tuesday - Thursday 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Friday & Saturday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Psst. They're also in the running for Best Sweet Spot in the February EVVY Awards. Vote for them here.


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