Artist Profile: Justin Hillgrove

Name: Justin Hillgrove

Hometown: Snohomish

Current City/Neighborhood: Snohomish

Your Medium/Craft: Painting

Years doing your craft: 15


How did you first get started in your craft?

I'm mostly self-taught and spent 10 years as Graphic Designer and freelance illustrator before setting out on my own to paint and create books and board games.

Inspired by other artistic friends, I was painting just for fun and my wife encouraged to start show my art to other people. I began approaching galleries, doing art festivals and conventions.


Favorite Artist(s) and/or Inspirations?

The artists I have been most influenced by are Hayao Miyazaki, Maurice Sendak, Jim Henson and Bill Watterson.

Favorite Piece You've Created?

My favorite piece is an acrylic painting titled "The Rescue." I like the feelings evoked as well as the colors.

“The Rescue” by Justin Hillgrove

“The Rescue” by Justin Hillgrove

What’s the most challenging part of being an artist, or something you had to overcome?

It's challenging to balance the business side of being an artist with the creative side - they feel like opposites and it is easy to focus on just one and lose sight of the other.

I've had to learn to break up my day and spend the first part on the business (responding to emails, order fulfillment, prepping for shows, paperwork etc). and the afternoon creating, sketching and painting. I assume a lot of people think artists spend all day creating but during my show season weeks go by without time to do any art at all so have to squeeze it in where I can.

Where can people see more of your art: You can find my art at

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