4 Everett Dessert Guides for a Sweet Valentine's Day

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Going out to dinner on Valentine's Day? How cliche. Almost as cliche as going out for dessert 😉

But hey, everyone needs a break from reality. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a night of sugary goodness at one of these simple Everett dessert spots, grouped into four categories: Romantic Dessert Spots, Desserts for the Family, Desserts To-Go, and Desserts You Can Drink.

Romantic Dessert Spots

Lombardi’s Italian

Hours • Menu • Location

Get happy at their happy hour and end with a hearty scoop of one of their five flavors of gelato for $5.50. We recommend the salted caramel or limoncello sorbetto.

Chianti Italian

HoursMenu • Location

Arguably one of the most classicly romantic restaurant interiors in town, channel your inner Lady and the Tramp and share a giant meatball. Or, more practically, enjoy a cocktail and plate of Tiramisu ($7) at their full-service bar.


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Cafe Wylde (Vegan)

HoursMenu • Location

Make your vegan date feel extra special with a slice of raw “cheesecake” ($7) at this healthy restaurant next to the Schack Art Museum (and our new office).

Some of their intriguing rotating flavors include Lavender Lemonade, Hazelnut Mocha, and Maca (the root) Butterscotch.

Cafe Wylde's vegan Hazelnut Mocha cheesecake.

Cafe Wylde's vegan Hazelnut Mocha cheesecake.

Dessert for the Family

The Totem Diner


Diner booths are the best places to snuggle with loved ones, especially when scarfing down a warm fudge brownie alamode ($4.70) or blowing bubbles in a classic root beer float ($4.90).

Strawberry Patch Cafe


Let's face it, most of their monthly specials could be considered dessert, but they also have a glorious dessert menu including the Knickerbocker Glory ($5.50). Put your best pair of jean shorts on and slide into those vinyl booths with style.

Choux Choux Bakery


Hidden away on Grand Avenue, Choux Choux boasts tall ceilings, a sweet record collection, and legendary twice baked croissants. Their variety of daily offerings are perfect for little hands, but for the adults you can’t go wrong with a smooth cup of coffee and a dense slice of flourless chocolate cake.

Dessert To-Go:

Ray’s Drive In


Known for the best fish n’ chips in town, Ray’s also has over 15 flavors of milkshakes in a variety of sizes, including the Jr. 10 oz. for $1.99, regular for $2.99, large for $3.49, or a 32 oz. $5.49. Get a little crazy and mix and match flavors for an additional twenty-five cents.

Despi Delite Bakery

Hours • Location

Pull into their conveniently located parking lot and prepare to load a box up full of wild pastries like ube cake, cronuts, bacon maple bars, oreo crumble donuts, and more.

Their rows and rows of baked confections are sure to make your Instagram story.

Despi Delite Bakery in Everett

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Katya's Bakery

Hours • Location

A new Live in Everett find, Katya's has loads of delicious treats to take and go, including adorable sugar-coated peach-shaped pastries, oversized macarons, and decadent eclairs. All of the above are sure to bring a smile to your Valentine's face.

Desserts You Can Drink

Narrative Coffee

Hours • Location

Voted the World’s Best New Cafe of 2017 (this is not a joke), the hosts at Narrative are sure to brew you the finest espresso in Everett (and the world apparently).

If you prefer your hot drink in chocolate form, they have a dark, rich hot chocolate recipe complete with latte art of your choice. And of course, grab a cookie while you're there.

El Progresso at #narrativecoffee . Nice little solstice treat. #tohaveadayoff

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Cafe Makario

Hours • Location

The perfect place for two, squeeze into Everett’s smallest coffee shop and prepare yourself for the cute presentation that comes with Makario’s Dutch Latte ($4 and up).

Also, their cold brew setup is a true sight, hand built by the friendly owner.

Bluewater Organic Distilling


A pleasantly moody venue for an evening cocktail, try one of Bluewater’s organically-crafted specialty drinks such as the Maritime Mule ($8) or something fresh and exciting off of their specialty board.

Want to spice things up? Try their most popular off the menu drink the Hot Shot, with flavors like cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno, ginger and lime.

Know of more great places to get dessert in Everett? Let us know in the comments!


Anna is an Everett-based graphic designer who eats donuts more often than clinicians deem "healthy". She also hangs with Tyler and Garret at Live in Everett, helping manage the daily doings of the site.