#LiveinEverett March Roundup

This month has been filled with beautiful sunny days and beautifully-brooding rainy days, but us Everett folks take them all in stride 💪.

Either way, Everett was looking mighty fine, as photographed by all of you. Let's take a look at March's #liveineverett picks!

1. @veganseattlegal Loving this vintage color and old Volkswagon duo at Howarth Park.

2. @brakerewis Happening this weekend at Loft Coffee Bar, let's go.

3. @pretty.average For the record, flowers are a sure-sign that Spring has arrived 🌷

4. @s.kranefuss If it were our class, you'd get an A 👍

5. @_the_white_shadow_ Late night Ray's runs are always a good idea.

6. Much love to @live.simple.mama Anyone else feeling the rumble and tumble of this house market right now?

7. @jasperwebber Look at that flop of hair 😍. Watch the video here.

8. @xtopher575 Well, at least they're honest about it.

9. @lamourexrealestate More Rays? Don't mind if we do.

10. @catty_mermaid Please let it be barbecue season now, I need those ribs in my life.

BONUS ROUND: @kariquaas Loving this koi metal print, guess I have to go to the Valley Organic Deli now to get a smoothie and peruse some art #firstworldproblems

That's it for this month! Want to be featured in a future #liveineverett post? Make sure you use #liveineverett on Instagram so we can see your shots ✌️


Anna is an Everett-based graphic designer who eats donuts more often than clinicians deem "healthy". She also hangs with Tyler and Garret at Live in Everett, helping manage the daily doings of the site.