Everett’s Most Insta-Worthy Toy Shop: Funko Headquarters

Header photo by Josh Jones.

Whether you first notice the larger-than-life figurines standing guard atop of the building, the super tall, lighted sign with tell-tale crown, or the crowds of Funko Funatics (self-described Funko fanatics) lined up around the block waiting to get in when the doors open at 11 a.m., Funko cannot be overlooked.

The headquarters in downtown Everett, 2802 Wetmore Ave to be precise, has quickly become one Everett’s top destinations, and I’d even wager that it’s the number one most photographed place in all of Everett. Nobody can resist snapping a photo with Hagrid at the entrance to the Harry Potter section of the store, or maybe it’s Elsa and her sidekicks who call your name, an upside-down Jedi, or Batman in his life-size Batmobile?

Whatever pop culture juggernaut floats your boat, it’s likely Funko has a licensing deal and a figurine, t-shirt, or some other tchotchke designed to scratch your particular itch.

The Funko HQ //  Tammy Weisberger

The Funko HQ // Tammy Weisberger

The store’s amusement park-like atmosphere makes a stop at Funko a must for even the non-shoppers among us. However, if you are on the hunt for that perfect present, there’s a huge collection of items to choose from.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the toys (and more) you’ll find at Funko:

  • Pop! figurines

  • Action figures

  • Dorbz (smaller than Pop! figurines)

  • Keychains

  • Plush, stuffed characters

  • Apparel

  • Cereal (yes, really.)

The list, although not endless, does go on and on.

While the grand majority of what Funko sells is based on characters from favorite TV show and movies, they do have a super Everett-inspired line called Wetmore Forest. Wetmore is the street the headquarters is located on, and the company gives in-house artists the freedom to design their own characters. What was once a small segment of the store has grown up to have its very own “land” complete with video games you can play while visiting, photo-worthy stops, and original cartoons playing in a continuous loop.

Some insider tips:

  1. Funko releases new collectibles on the daily (thus the lines of Funatics waiting outside most mornings chanting “Open. Open. Open.”).  If you’re a collector, arrive early and don’t forget your folding chair, raincoat, and blanket. If you aren’t hot to snag the latest release, plan to arrive any time after opening. After the initial rush there’s rarely a line.

  2. A limited amount of exclusive Freddy Funko Pops! (Freddy is the official mascot of Funko) that can *only* be bought at the headquarters (not sold online unless being resold by individuals) are also on constant rotation. You can tell these special Pop!s by the “Funko HQ Exclusive Limited Edition” logo on the box.

  3. Don’t miss the seasonal window displays and figurines perched atop the building. Just like the Pop!s for sale inside, the magic Funko elves often sneak a new one up when no one’s looking.

  4. You can even build your own custom Pop! Head to the farthest southeast portion of the store (stroll past Harry Potter “land” and make a left when you see Star Wars stuff). There you will find a wonderland of options to choose from to make your very own, one-of-a-kind Pop.

One more tip: Whether you’re a shopper or a sightseer, make sure you roll up wearing something photo friendly. Because, one way or another (even if you don’t indulge in a photo of your own), you’re sure show up in the background of somebody’s social media hijinks.   

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Tammy lives and works in Everett, WA with a disgraceful pitskunk named Samhain the Druid, three professional shrew killers, two strange children, and a lawyer to keep them all out of trouble.