Everett Trivia: Round 17

In case you missed it in our last podcast, every week we like to play a little Everett trivia. See if you can answer these questions correctly. You may not win a prize, but you'll win our love ❤️

From episode 87 of the Live in Everett Podcast.

Trivia questions generously provided by the Port of Everett.

1. In 1923, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Japan’s tokyo-yokohama metropolitan area. This kickstarted the export of what product through the port of everett?

a. Steel
b. Brick
c. Apples
d. Timber

2. This company built the donut-shaped turntable (as well as gears and motors) to power the rotating restaurant in seattle’s space needle. what was the name of the company?

a. Lockheed Martin
b. Boeing
c. Western Gear Corporation
d. Fluke

3. in 1920, the Port commission, responding to a private ferry operator in clinton, decided to build a ferry landing on the tidelands where?

a. Everett
b. Mukilteo
c. Edmonds
d. Snohomish


Answer Time! (No Peeking)

1. d. Timber
2. c. Western Gear Corporation
3. b. Mukilteo

Want to do Everett trivia with us? Tune in to the Live in Everett podcast every Wednesday to play along. Or if pub trivia is more your thing, make you check out our Everett trivia guide.

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