6 Reasons Why I Love Living In Everett

When I was 23, I was sitting in my apartment 1,000 miles away from Everett, thinking, "where do I want to live?"

I had grown up in Snohomish County, and so Everett was "the big city" when I was a kid. When I really took time to think about where I wanted to establish my life, I realized there were a lot of things that drew me to Everett. Other than being relatively close to family and friends, these are the six top reasons I decided to make Everett my home:

1. Proximity & setting.

Surrounded by mountains and water, Everett could not have a more scenic setting. It's also super convenient to get to Seattle and just about anywhere in Snohomish County.

2. Everything you need without the craziness of a large city.

Not only does Everett have everything you need, but just within a mile of my house, I can walk to: parks, grocery stores, post office, bars, coffee shops, music venues, the courthouse, hospital, my office, the water, trails, and more. Downtown also has free parking, and traffic is rarely an issue.

3. Character and history.

I love the old quirky buildings and my 1905 house. There's something about this old mill town that's just inspiring to me. It's the opposite of cookie cutter.

4. It’s a community.

When I go out to run errands or grab a meal, seeing someone I know isn’t an exception, it’s the norm. I like living in a community where we can know one another. Tons of my friendships were formed because of simply living in Everett. Heck, that’s even how I met my wife!

5. Pancake Day.

There’s lots of fun official events that happen in Everett throughout the year (Beer Fest, Fisherman’s Village Music Festival, Bubble Run, etc.). One of my favorite things about living in Everett is completely unofficial, though. Every week I walk over to The Sister’s Cafe and eat pancakes for breakfast with some friends.

 Along with enjoying the most delicious pancakes in town, The Sisters has a new art exhibit up every month. Plus Burt usually takes my order and always makes me laugh... Last week I said “Burt, whats new?” Without skipping a beat he said, “a gnu is a type of wildebeest whose origins can be traced back to before the ice age.” I’m paraphrasing here, but you get the idea. Pancake day is pretty sweet... and I’m not just talking about the syrup.

6. It has potential.

I love that Everett is imperfect (just like me). I like that I live in a city I can be involved in creating. The desire to continue to improve Everett is something that connects the community. Great things come from overcoming obstacles, and Everett has had it's fair share of obstacles, but I wouldn't want to live any where else in the world.

That's why I love Living In Everett. How about you? We'd love to hear your story.

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