Where Can I Fly to From Everett? 8 Places to Visit

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Starting in autumn of 2018 there will be commercial flight service from the Paine Field-Snohomish County Airport in Everett.

This is a good thing for Milltowners: no long haul to Sea Tac for flights.

Last week Alaska Airlines announced the eight West Coast destinations to which it will connect passengers. 

Let's take a look at your next vacation destination(s) plus a few ideas about what to do when you get there.

Grab your fanny pack. 

1. San Fransisco - Get a cultural fix in San Fran: the Haight District, beatnik poetry, the Embarcadero. Also, I hear there's giant bridge?

2. Las Vegas - Catch a show, wander the streets with alcohol, repeat. Chill with Elvis impersonators and hit that roulette wheel. 

3. Los Angeles - Photo ops abound in the City of Angels. Disneyland, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Sunset Strip, etc. 


4. Portland - Eat gourmet donuts, drink craft beer, see all the handlebar mustaches and bicycles. The dream the 90s is alive here.

5. Orange County - Stroll Knott's Berry Farm amusement park or catch a splash on the sandy boardwalks of Huntington or Newport beaches.

6. Phoenix - Visit the Desert Botanical Garden or go for desert hikes.  PHX is a great place to dry out after a PNW winter.


7. San Diego - Check out wildlife at the San Diego Zoo or SeaWorld, catch dinner and drinks in the historic Gaslamp Quarter.

8. San Jose - Enjoy Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and balmy weather next door to Silicon Valley.

So where are you headed? Tell us and tag your favorite travel buddy in the comments section on our Facebook page.

Bon voyage!

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Richard Porter is a writer for Live in Everett.