Giving Back - Holiday Guide to Charitable Giving

Editor's Note: Ladies and gentlemen, we've got something extra special for you today from our very own Richard Porter. Have you been wanting to spread some holiday cheer to others in your community, but haven't known where to begin?

Introducing the Live in Everett Holiday Guide to Charitable Giving!

Some of you might be thinking, Hey guys, this is great and all, but I'm flat broke. No problemo Everetonians. Our guide lists plenty of places to give your time rather than your paper.

But seriously, tis the season to show generosity to others, especially those you cannot return the favor due to their circumstances. Grab the kids and go set a good example at one of Everett's nonprofits this holiday season.


P.S. Download the guide by pressing the fancy button bellow.


Richard Porter is a social worker and musician. He lives in North Everett and enjoys running on Marine View Drive, bicycling down tree-lined streets, and trying to coax vegetables out of his yard.