#LiveinEverett July Top Picks

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Welcome to this month's installment of #liveineverett! Summertime is the best time for photos, and you guys make Everett look so good. Here are our top ten picks of July 2018.

1. This is the cutest pig we've ever seen 

2. Youths enjoying literature, so there is hope for the world after all.

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3. Hands down the Triangle Fruit Market has the best ice cream in town.

4. What's this? Looks like someone is enjoying exploring Everett.

I feel at home here #whatsthis #whatsthisjack #nicksjr #everettwa #liveineverett

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5. Have you seen this bloke while walking around downtown?

6. A Chai Margarita sounds like a refreshing whisper of fall.

7. Meteor, we completely agree. You are one gorgeous Catahoula.

8. This kids got guts.

9. Thankful for organizations like Reach Church for taking care of our city 

10. Even if you don't have the abs for kiteboarding, watching pros surf the waves on Jetty Island is entertainment enough.

That's it for this month's #liveineverett! Want to be featured in next month's post? Make sure to use #liveineverett in your Everett shots on Instagram.

Anna Live in Everett

Anna is an Everett-based freelance graphic designer who is a sucker for puppies and bad puns.