EVVY Awards: Everett's Best Sandwich Shop Winners

Boy, when it comes to eating sandwiches, you guys get real serious real fast. The time has come, and the votes are in; Everett's Best Sandwich shop has been crowned!

In 3rd Place: Sisters
Crowd Favorite Sandwich: Tuna Salad Sandwich

Sisters is our go-to lunch spot for anything delicious (and a piece of pie on the side). Live in Everett's Richard Porter prefers their Veggie Sandwich, and it's not hard to see why.

Address: 2804 Grand Ave
Hours: Monday-Friday 7 AM - 4 PM, Breakfast Served 7 AM to 11 AM

In 2nd Place: Valley Organic Deli
Crowd Favorite Sandwich: Garden Avocado with Turkey

Another Live in Everett favorite, these guys know how to serve up some fresh, organic lunch food. With a side of crunchy potato chips, their sandwiches and wraps do not disappoint.

Address: 2805 Colby Ave
Hours: Monday-Saturday  9 AM - 5 PM

In 1st Place: Red Rock Subs (by a landslide)
Crowd Favorite Sandwiches: California Club, Pot Roast Sub, and The Sicilian

Congratulations Red Rock! Everett loves you a lot, as seen by the 100+ votes cast by your loyal following. With a grandiose menu boasting of hot and cold sandwiches, you can't really go wrong with any choice on their menu.

Address3514 Broadway
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10 AM-7 PM

Honorable Mention: Sub Shop 19th Street (we believe in you!)

Thanks to everyone who voted in this month's EVYY Awards! Make sure to vote for this month's category Everett's Friendliest Staff!