Give Me a Location: Everett Improv Joins The Everett Public Market

For anyone who’s dreamed of shopping at the co-op and then popping down to the first floor for an improv comedy class, cry no more.  

Starting September 16, Everett Improv will be offering a plethora of courses for adults and youth from the communal comfort of the Everett Public Market Building.  

The Everett Public Market // Courtesy Britney Barber

The Everett Public Market // Courtesy Britney Barber

Wait, Everett has an improv comedy company?  It sure does. Made with love, just for you.

We have been producing free monthly shows at Cafe Zippy since 2013 and monthly shows at the Historic Everett Theatre since 2018, and now you can learn how to harness the power of improv… without driving down to Seattle for an expensive class.

Everett Improv’s Britney Barber // Courtesy Britney Barber

Everett Improv’s Britney Barber // Courtesy Britney Barber

“But I’m not a performer and the thought of going on stage makes me nauseous.”  That’s okay, hypothetical person. We are doing things very differently than any other improv school in the nation by offering two pools of courses: courses for life applications and casual recreation, and courses for performance applications and artistic recreation.  

But every course will be crazy amounts of fun; and most of the courses don't have any prerequisites, so you can take what you want, when you want.  

We also wanted to be more accessible to more people, so courses are capped at four weeks and the average cost is capped at $80.  (An average improv course in Seattle is eight weeks long and costs from $235 to $280.)  

Don’t want to commit, ya wanderer?  We will also have one-night classes.  Don’t see anything that speaks to you in that voice you like?  More classes spanning every area of life and the arts will be added consistently, so there will be something for everyone.

Want to get out of the house?  Want to get your kids out of the house?  Want to get your grandkids out of your kids’ house?  

Check out the classes page and give us a holler.  We really want to holler back.

Everett Improv
2804 Grand Street Suite #105
Everett, WA. 98201

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Britney Barber is a writer and professional improv comedian, who lives in downtown Everett with her wife and four dogs. She grew up in the Philadelphia area and has a degree in Mass Communication and Media Writing from La Salle University. She currently teaches and performs for Jet City Improv in Seattle, writes screenplays, and produces monthly improv comedy shows at Cafe Zippy and the Historic Everett Theatre.