Is Everett Ready for Co-working? We want to hear from you

We've been thinking, we'd love to start a co-working space in downtown Everett. We've been doing some research, studying best practices, and getting inspiration for what a space might look and feel like.

If you're unfamiliar with co-working, it's basically when people who don't work together work together.

Co-working is a fantastic alternative for small business owners, creatives, professionals, artists, freelancers or just anyone who's sick of working from home all by their lonesome. Imagine having a beautiful and affordable office space with cool perks and amenities. 

From what we've researched, the more people that share a co-working space, the more amenities it's able to offer. We'd love to create a space in downtown Everett with beautiful furniture and finishes. A place where people can collaborate, be productive and get inspired.

Seattle has dozens of co-working spaces, while Snohomish County has almost none. We love the idea of creating something, but that takes significant time & money. So first we have to ask, is Everett ready for a co-working space? What do you think?

We'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Please take a moment to fill out this survey. Answer or skip as many questions as you'd like. Feel free to share it with anyone you think may be interested. We're excited to hear from you.


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Phone Number (optional)
2. If these were the approximate price ranges for different levels of membership, which level of membership would you be most interested in? (select one)
3. Within those prices ranges, would you rather have the price be: (select one)
4. What's most important to you? (check all that apply)
5. Which items/amenities would you like the space to have? (check all that apply)
(Please note, at bare minimum, the space will have free wi-fi and 24/7 access).