Artist Profile: Allen Sessing-Hunter

Name: Allen Sessing-Hunter

Hometown: Long Beach, California

Current City/Neighborhood: Lynnwood

Your Medium/Craft: Plastic fabrication, laser cutting, pyrography and character creation

Years doing your craft: 5 years

photo // Snap It! Photography

photo // Snap It! Photography

How did you first get started in your craft?

I first got into this as a hobby and slowly started to make money from it, at the time I was working at a Bio Chem lab and took Mondays off to focus on art, then Monday and Tuesdays to work the bare minimum to maintain my health insurance and eventually took the plunge to stop and do freelance full time.

Favorite Artist(s) and/or Inspirations?

Some of my favorites are H.R. Giger, Dan Luvisi, Peter Mohrbacher, they're concept artists. Some musical inspiration while I work is Scale the Summit, they're amazing to work to, no lyrics just instrumental progressive rock at its finest (odyssey is my favorite track if you wanna give them a try) and lots of Spotify playlists I stumble upon.

photo // JosRiv Art and Photography and model // KeiraSera

Favorite Piece You've Created?

It’s tough to pick a favorite, I think my favorite project is usually whatever one I just finished up on but if I had to pick one it'd to be my original take on the xenomorph queen I did a few years back. it took many different disciplines (lifecasting my models head, torso and arms, sculpting, mold making, fiberglass, latex work and lots of painting and fitting) to pull it off.

What’s the most challenging part of being an artist, or something you had to overcome?

I think the most challenging part of being an artist is being sure to strike when the iron is hot, if you have an idea, write it down or document it so when you're able you can produce something from it. Finding inspiration sometimes can be tough as well, I can go for awhile feeling pretty stuck until my light bulb turns on.

Photo // Studio5graphics and Model // Scarletharlotry

How can people be supportive of the arts?

Besides of course purchasing a piece to have for your own, the best way people can support the arts they like is to simply share the artists and their works on social media, show it off to a friend or family member and spread it for others to enjoy, who knows, maybe you don't see something you'd necessarily like to have for your own but someone else might. A lot of my work comes from word of mouth and I'm sure that goes for other artists as well.

Photo // Stormcoastcreative and Model // Persephonerisingx

Where can people see more of your art?

They can see more of my work on my website, my social media pages @cosmicashstudios and through Bobakhan Toys on Everett Mall Way.

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