Everett Top 5 - Fall Frugal Activies

Editor's note: updated 10/9/16.

In case you're busy budgeting for the holidays or a smart move... check out these five fall frugal activities you can still enjoy in Everett on a budget:

#1) Enjoy the color.
This ones obviously simple, but the turning leaves won't be here much longer. Enjoy one of these fine Fall days by simply bundling up and taking a stroll. Might as well appreciate the Fall colors while we can. Maybe check out one of the trails down at the Port of Everett.
Cost: Free (as long as you don't get a ticket for jay-walking).

#2) Frisbee Golf at Silver Lake
After you look at the leaves long enough you're probably going to get bored. Why not add some activity to the mix and play a round of frisbee golf? Thornton A. Sullivan park on Silver Lake has a great 9 "hole" frisbee golf course. Other than scrounging up your discs to play with, it'll cost you a whopping zilch. Of course, when you accidentally throw your disc straight into the lake it might cost you a little embarrassment. I'm sure it's nothing your friends won't forget within a few decades, though.
Cost: Zero (other than bringing your own frisbee golf discs).

#3) Check out the Imagine Childrens Museum.
Need something affordable to do with the kiddos? Thursdays from 3-5 at at the Imagine Children's Museum are only $5. Kids under 1 are free. (They have a free friday every month, too)
Cost: Free (If you plan your calendar right)

#4) Test your wits while you wet your whistle.
Also known as Tuesday trivia night. $2 per person, Tuesdays at 8pm at The Irishman or Emory's. Yes, both places have trivia at the same time each week. Bring your intellyjent friends.
Cost: $2+ 

#5) Dollar Bonanza Bowling at Evergreen Lanes.
Some of these rainy fall nights can be a little depressing. Sounds like prime bowling time to us. Thursday nights after 9:30pm all games, shoes, coffee, soda, hot dogs, french fries, nachos, and 10 oz. domestic beers are all only $1.29 each. Be extra cheap like us, and BYOBS (Bring your own bowling shoes).
Cost: $1.29-? (Depends on how many hot dogs you eat)

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