Sketchy Everett Volume 21 - People's Shoe Repair

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A few years ago, I stumbled upon an unassuming repair shop in downtown Everett. When I walked into People's Shoe Repair on 2827 Wetmore, I was greeted by blaring classical music, framed presidential portraits, stacks of newspaper paper, and rows upon rows of gleaming shoes. The sole proprietor, Mike Papadimitriou, gets right down to business.

Mike has owned the shop since 1968 and gives no indication of retiring. Mike bought the shop from his uncle, who began the business in Everett in 1934... 82 years ago! Given how quickly restaurants and shops pop up and close down, this is a marvel. Also noteworthy: you won't find a computer in People's - no credit cards accepted, no email address and definitely no website. It's all done the old-fashioned way. On foot, in hand, by word of mouth.

So here's to the man who has dedicated his career to repairing what's broken, and shining what's dull, in his humble shop, in our humble Mill Town.


Elizabeth is an Everett, Washington-based artist and graphic designer. Using pen and watercolor, she sketches from life and creates 'illustrative infographics,' often featuring Northwest themes.