10 Things We ❤️ about Lombardi's.

Live in Everett loves Lombardi's. It's the go-to place for meeting after work. It's where we meet clients and friends for lunch or dinner. And in the summer, it's unbeatable with dockside dining on their patio.

Here's a quick rundown of 10 things that we love about Everett's Lombardi's Italian.

1. The Happy Hour

Lombardi's Happy Hour (or as I call it, "dinner time") is one of the best things in my busy life. I'm usually there one to two times a week. It's affordable, offers a ton of options, and basically never ends. A beer and pizza for just over $12 is a winning combo, and if I am feeling healthy I get a salad, soup and a glass of wine.

Happy hour goes from 2 PM to close Sunday thru Thursday, and on Friday and Saturday it goes from 2 PM to 6 PM and 8 PM to close. See? It basically never ends.

2. The Pizza ❤️

After devouring a pizza in about 3 minutes, I inquired as to whether or not it was sprinkled with crack. Turns out there is no crack in the pizza, but they do use Caputo Flour from Naples in their crust (imagine flour that's fine like baby powder). They make their sauce from scratch and use high-quality, imported cheeses.

All this on a happy hour menu item? Gimme.

15) Lombardi's, happy hour. yummy, sliders and pizza.jpg

3. Steak Salad

Last summer I was gifted a sizeable Lombardi's gift card and spent nearly the whole thing on their steak salads. I would eat one everyday. Seriously. It's a massive salad of spring mix, steak, robust crumbled cheese, fresh tomatoes, the best vinaigrette you'll ever have and topped with fried onions.

Is your mouth watering?

4. The Roasted Garlic Dippin' Oil

When you order dinner at Lombardi's, they bring you a basket of Essential Baking Co. bread and this roasted garlic & olive oil spread/dip. Damn, it is delicious.

5. Music at the Marina

Music at the Marina will get yo' butt shakin' like Kevin Bacon. On Thursday and Saturday nights during the summer, the docks outside of Lombardi's turn into a dance party with free live music. You can 'book' a table at Lombardi's if you want, and sit and enjoy the music over dinner and drinks with friends.

6. Catering

Lombardi's caters, and it's totally reasonable. We ordered some stuff for a party once, and their catering manager Andrew took awesome care of us and worked within our budget. Also, they have a banquet room that you can reserve for parties.

7. They do a TON for the community.

It's true. The owners could just hang their hats on the fact that they run a massively popular restaurant, but they choose to give back a ton to the community. Whether it's Cocoon HouseHousing Hope, Village Theatre, or sponsoring our work here with Live in Everett, they get behind good things in Everett.

8. Bartenders

We like to drink when we go to Lombardi's, so we've gotten to know the bartenders quite well. Maybe too well. Anyway, they're awesome and work with an arsenal of spirits, beer, and wine. I like the Chianti, the House Manhattan, or House Martini, dry.

During happy hour, the prices are a steal. It's like Mad Men, everyday.

9. Local Art

Lombardi's supports the arts. They sponsor Village Theatre, which we should all be grateful for 'cause Village Theatre's work is gold. They also rep local art in their restaurant, like the righteously-iconic work of Cheri O'Brien.

10. The patio

Between the different waterfront dining options at the marina, the patio at Lombardi's may be the best. Okay, sure, if you can get a spot on Anthony's patio and you'll be able to see the the boats cruise by to and fro, but you'll also be blasted by westerly wind – which is great if it's 90 degrees out (call me a wuss, that's fine).

Lombardi's patio is set back a bit and blocked by tons of beautiful boats so the wind in a nice, gingerly, salty sea breeze that still offers stunning views.

Caveat: Lombardi's is a sponsor of Live in Everett. However, that doesn't mean we're making all of this up. We love Lombardi's.

Lombardi's Italian
1620 W. Marine View Dr
Everett, Wa. 98201
Reservations: 425-252-1886

Eat Well,
Tyler Chism


Besides sailing the S.S. Live in Everett, Tyler and crew own a creative agency called Milltown Creative. He plays guitar in the band TELLERS, loves watching the Everett music scene grow (it's a real thing), and also likes selling real estate.