Friday Everett Trivia: Round 3

In case you missed it in our last podcast, every week we like to play a little Everett trivia. See if you can answer these questions correctly. You may not win a prize, but you'll win our love ❤️

From episode 72 of the Live in Everett Podcast.

Trivia questions provided by the Northwest Room at the Everett Public Library.

1. True or False: Everett has a street that is the word "Everett" spelled backwards.


2. How many times has the Weyerhaeuser building in Boxcar Park been moved?

a. Three times
b. Never
c. Seven times
d. One time


3. Where did Lincoln, the Everett Silvertips mascot, get his name?

a. The Silvertips relocated here from Lincoln, Nebraska
b. The aircraft carrier, USS Abraham Lincoln, which was homeported in Everett
c. In honor of the historic visit that President Abraham Lincoln made to Everett on January 5, 1860
d. He's named after the Silvertips' first owner, Lincoln Anderson. 


Answer Time! (No Peeking)

1. True - Ttereve Drive is a short street in the Pinehurst neighborhood.
2. a. Three times.
3. b. After the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln.

How'd ya do? Comment below, and for more Everett history click here. Want to do Everett trivia with us? Tune in to the LiEv podcast every Wednesday to play along.

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