Sketchy Everett Volume 8 - Port of Everett

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On a gray morning this week, I walked about as far west on Everett Avenue as you can, stopping just past Maggie's Park, and took in this amazing view of the working waterfront at the Port of Everett

It was easy to see why Everett is often described as "industrial." Everett's deep water port is the third largest in the state (out of 75 ports) and specializes in handling oversized, expensive cargo (like airplane parts!). Several of the navy base ships are just visible on the right of the sketch. And that mysterious gray dome on Pier 3 ? It's leased by Lehigh Northwest Cement Company. 

It was cold standing here, so I sketched quickly and said goodbye to the Olympic Mountains, which were very visible across the Sound. 


Elizabeth is an Everett, Washington-based artist and graphic designer. Using pen and watercolor, she sketches from life and creates 'illustrative infographics,' often featuring Northwest themes.