Your Next Date Night: Bluewater's Cocktail Tuesday

I am not a cocktail person. If I'm out for dinner and want to treat myself, I usually stick to a simple drink like a hard cider or white wine. Cocktails always seemed like overpriced, bitter beverages that make me feel slightly sophisticated while also feeling duped.

That all changed when I went to one of Bluewater Organic Distilling's Cocktail Tuesday classes.

Cocktail Tuesday is held the first Tuesday of every month at Bluewater Organic Distilling, located in the Waterfront Plaza. Tucked next to their beer neighbor Scuttlebutt, Bluewater distills organic alcohol while also housing a restaurant, bar, and event venue.

Inside Bluewater overlooking the interior of the distillery. PC: Ron Cook

Inside Bluewater overlooking the interior of the distillery.
PC: Ron Cook

Each class is instructed by Bluewater's head bar tender Maggie and narrated by owner John Lundin. The two make a quirky duo, bantering while mixing up magical concoctions, some of which have never been made before.

The usual script for the night includes a cocktail theme, such as Champagne Cocktails or How to Infuse Vodka, followed by roughly three examples of drinks to make (all of which are sampled by the lucky audience).

Each cocktail includes fresh, organic, and exotic ingredients like orange blossom water and elderflower cardamom liqueur. Fresh fruit purees, herbed garnishes, spritzes of tinctures. Nothing is off limits. They don't call them mixologists for nothing.

John and Maggie, mixing up pear puree, champagne, and other specialties.

John and Maggie, mixing up pear puree, champagne, and other specialties.

In a nut shell, for $5 you can get three sample sized cocktails, insider instructions on cocktail assembly, and endless tips and tricks on navigating the world of hard liqueur. That my friends is a steal in itself.

Interested in attending a class? Here are a few tips on your first Cocktail Tuesday.

1. Buy tickets online, like asap.

I'm not the only one who has found these classes tantalizing, which unfortunately means they sell out months ahead of time. Reserve your spot online and put a reminder for yourself wherever you keep track of events (ie Google Calendar and the like).

2. Bring a notepad.

I had my notepad with me to take notes for this post, but many people there were jotting notes about the cocktail recipes. Maggie spouts endless knowledge about the art of flavor matching, which alcohols to avoid in cocktails, etc. etc., all of which are worthy of note-taking.

3. Drink the complimentary water. You'll need it.

These guys make wonderful, 80-100 proof alcohol that hits hard in the best way. If you're on the smaller side (like muah) you'll definitely be feeling happy afterwards. Be smart, drink water, and don't drive if you feel uncomfortable.

As always, please drink responsibly.

So next time I'm looking for a place to chill after work, maybe you'll find me at the Bluewater bar, trying out one of their board specials. Care to join?

Bluewater Organic Distilling

1205 Craftsman Way, Everett, WA 98201
(425) 404-1408

Sunday, Tuesday - Thursday 11 AM - 9 PM
Friday - Saturday 11 AM - 11 PM
Closed Monday


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