The Stereo Wire's Everett Music Roundup 2017

2017 felt like a transition period for Everett music. With the demise of Crystal Desert in July and bands like TELLERS and I Will Keep Your Ghost working on new material to release in 2018, Everett’s musical output wasn’t as rapid-fire as it was in 2016. That’s not to say that there weren’t some great releases from Mill Town. Here’s a roundup of the best Everett releases of 2017.

Sleepover ClubCrime Baby / Single Dads (Single)

Everett’s Sleepover Club was the surprise breakout band this year. The three-piece create short, sharp and smart punk songs that are as socially aware as they are comical, and their live shows are raw and enthralling. From their first show in Everett opening for Crystal Desert to recently opening for Screaming Females, the band is on a meteoric rise. If you’re into third-wave feminist bands like Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney and Bratmobile, do not miss Sleepover Club.

Nail HousesPARADE EP

Nail Houses is the one-man project of former Crystal Desert bassist Christian Smith. Armed with a guitar and a laptop, Smith’s debut EP, PARADE, is a driving, throbbing, angular record that takes what bands like Fugazi and Big Black started in the late 80’s and runs with it.


Highlights - Wait, Commander | Excellerator | Mask Signal

Oliver Elf ArmyTelescope EP

The most Everett band (I mean, they created our podcast theme song) released their second EP this year and it’s one of my favorite releases of 2017 (and I’m not saying that because I play bass for them). Songs like “Black Nikes” and “Electric Snare” show off the playfulness and songwriting chops of Mary and Martin Adams. This release felt like a turning point for the two-piece.

Highlights - Electric Snare | Judy Do You Ever Miss Hell? | Black Nikes

NODRA Mantra (EP)

Another musician to rise from the ashes of Crystal Desert, Ryan Alexander, former lead singer, released his debut EP under the NODRA umbrella this year. NODRA, which stands for New Order Dragnet of Revenge Artists, is an audio, visual and written project aimed at challenging the way people interact with the arts. If NODRA’s debut performance at Black Lab Gallery was any indication, this movement will definitely turn heads.

Highlights – I Was the Key Demographic | Character

The Moon is FlatThe Good Trip EP

This record took a long, long time to come out, but I’m glad it’s finally here. The debut EP from The Moon is Flat has been in the works since sometime last year, and it perfectly encapsulates the feeling of Everett. Listening to “Have You Seen My Glasses?” while cruising into Everett on a foggy, chilly morning is the perfect start to your day.

Highlights – Have You Seen My Glasses? | A Usual Suspect | The Good Trip

What’s Next – Albums for 2018

Sleepover Club  - Debut EP

Sleepover Club’s debut EP has the ability to push Everett’s music scene younger and more punk. Hopefully we don’t have to wait long to hear their first release.

Sleepover Club - Crime Baby.jpg

TELLERS  - Full-Length

Live in Everett’s own Tyler Chism, who plays guitar in TELLERS, says their first full-length album will be coming in April, which is nowhere near soon enough.

I Will Keep Your Ghost – Full-Length

Another band that’s been hard at work on an LP for some time, I Will Keep Your Ghost is ready to release their follow up to (ALBUM) next year.

Deep Negatives – Debut EP

The debut release from former Crystal Desert drummer Josh Ihler, Deep Negatives’ debut release is one to watch for. If the record is as thrash-heavy as their first single, Autopilot, Ihler is looking to bring some legit heaviness to the Everett music table.

Nail Houses - EP 2

The new material that Nail Houses has been playing at recent shows is more subdued than the driving harshness of the PARADE EP, and it’ll be interesting to see the kind of direction Christian Smith’s project will take next year.

Oliver Elf Army - EP 3

OEA posted that they were recording their third EP a month ago, so hopefully we’ll hear from them soon. Everett always needs more Oliver Elf Army.

Greet the Sea – LP 2

Greet the Sea released their self-titled debut LP in November 2015 and we’re still waiting for a follow up. The new songs that they played during AquaSox Brewfest in August were burners and we cannot wait for more from GTS.

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Henry J. is the radio personality behind The Stereo Wire as well as Live in Everett's podcast engineer. When not moonlighting in Oliver Elf Army as their bassist, he enjoys being a dank gamer.