Sketchy Everett Volume 11 - The Independent Beer Bar

Have you been to Everett's newest bar? The Independent Beer Bar is situated on the corner of Rockefeller and Hewitt Aves. It's the third beer-focused incarnation of this beautiful space. In my opinion, it's the best yet. They keep it simple - just drinks. And oh, what a smashing selection, from hyper local microbrews to the most enticing of ciders.

Some nights, it's a full house with a tailgating Silvertips crowd. But, this evening, the patrons are very focused on the Mariner's game - one of the first of the season. But, I was focused on my delicious drink: Murder of Crows Stout by Skookum Brewery of Arlington.

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Elizabeth is an Everett, Washington-based artist and graphic designer. Using pen and watercolor, she sketches from life and creates 'illustrative infographics,' often featuring Northwest themes.