Sketchy Everett Volume 13 - Fisherman's Village Music Festival

The Fisherman's Village Music Festival went down in Everett recently (May 20-22) and, by my take, was a roaring success. I heard an amazing amount of music by a wide variety of talented musicians, at venues within blocks of each other. The festival was a "pay what you can" model - so pretty much the best value out there, because everyone got to decide on their own price!

My compliments to the Everett Music Initiative, to the artists who make beautiful, raucous sound and to the city that I love playing host to thousands of appreciative listeners. 

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Our very own Fauna Shade, of Everett, at the outdoor stage on Colby Avenue.

Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners, of Portland, at the Historic Everett Theatre.


Elizabeth is an Everett, Washington-based artist and graphic designer. Using pen and watercolor, she sketches from life and creates 'illustrative infographics,' often featuring Northwest themes.