The EVVY Awards - Everett's Best Burger Winner 2016

Editor’s Note: Article originally published May 3, 2016. Updated May 15, 2019.

Way back in 2016, one of the first EVVY Awards we, uh, awarded was for Everett’s Best Burger. In 2019 we’re looking for the best burgie in the city again.

Check out the winners from 2016 and let us know who your favorite is now in the comments below!

Honorable Mention - Ray's Drive-In

It was a close race, and Ray's was not far behind the top three. Ray's has been an Everett classic forever, and their deep-fried veggie burgers are a great alternative to their classic cheeseburgers. It only felt right to give Ray's a shout-out for keeping Everett classic all these decades.

Third Place - The Anchor Pub

We wont lie, when we did our Hewitt burger run, the Anchor's burger stole our hearts the most. We're talking quality. All the fixins melded together in perfection. Not to mention they have a wicked beer collection and an awesome iconic location to enjoy it all at. Third place? No surprise there. The Anchor burger does it right.

Second Place - Nick's Jr.

Squeaking in second place, Nick's Jr. in central Everett is known for its great burgers. We finally tried it for the first time last week, and it was packed. And delicious. We're definitely going back.

First Place - Soundview Tavern!

Another Hewitt bar we swung by on our Burger Crawl. The Soundview is famous for its sliders. They're cheap and taste a little like heaven on those late nights when nothing else can hit the spot. Congrats to The Soundview on taking the cake, err, I guess we should say… on winning Everett's Best Burger!

Thanks to everyone who voted and supports Everett businesses. Now go do some #BurgerResearch and see if you agree with the winners!


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