Podcast Ep. 57: Kyle Ledford from Soniphone Records

This week on the podcast we chatted up Everett music icon Kyle Ledford from Soniphone Records. After growing up in and around Everett, Kyle shares his story of music, harsh upbringing, and his passion for giving opportunities to artists.

Soniphone has a variety of options for artists to utilize, including a recording facility, spaces for rehearsal time, small batch vinyl production in a variety of sizes, in house production and out of house exporting, and more.

Tune in to hear Soniphone's the process of cutting a new vinyl record and his personal story as an artist and producer.

Kyle Ledford from Soniphone Records

Kyle Ledford from Soniphone Records

See all the artists who colaborate with Soniphone Records here. You can also see the progression of Kyle's facial hair in this Live in Everett article by Richard Porter.

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