Everett's Cutest Pet Winners

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Last month we were searching far and wide for the cutest pets in all of Everett, and over 100 pets were submitted into the EVVY Awards for Everett's Cutest Pet! Dang, that's a lot of fluff.

But 400+ votes later, we have crowned our adorable group on winners. Let's see who took the lot!


In 3rd place, a tie!
#13 Finnegan and #101 Hoss

Aren't these two adorable? The puppy eyes of Mollie S.'s Chocolate Lab Finnegan could melt anyone's heart. And Hoss's owner Michelle F. claims he's a Muppet, which we think is both impressive and impossible.

#13 Finnegan

#101 Hoss


In 2nd Place: #22 Sage, Owner Jessica P.

Mutts really are the best aren't they?

#22 Sage

#22 Sage


in 1st Place: #6 Tuco, Owner Dani R.

What a cutie! Those eyes say mischief, but who cares! Congratulations Tuco!

#6 Tuco


Honorable Mentions: #27 Lily & #40 Kodi

Staff Favorites: #60 Belle & #55 Hera

That's it for April's EVVY Awards! Thank you to everyone that submitted their pets to this adorable competition, and to everyone that voted. Now that you've got your fill of Everett cuteness, it's time for lunch!

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