The EVVY Awards: Everett's Best Neighborhood Bar Winners

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The neighborhood bar. An unassuming place to grab a drink with friends, shoot some pool and hang. We love our neighborhood bars, and so do you, according to all the votes we got.

So who took home the EVVY for Best Neighborhood Bar? Let’s find out:

In 3rd Place: Soundview Bar & Grill

Oh the Soundview. A place to get an EVVY-Award-winning burger and a really stiff drink. They also do karaoke from time to time, which can be an absolute blast with the mix of blue and white collar patrons that frequent the Soundview.

Like to shoot pool? Soundview has some of the best tables in the city.

1116 Hewitt Ave
Everett, WA 98201

In 2nd Place: The Fireplace Bar

Pool, darts, a jukebox, skee-ball, Golden Tee and a covered back patio. These are the ingredients for a perfect neighborhood bar, and Fireplace has them all. Besides all of that, The Fireplace holds raffles and auctions to benefit local charities and causes, which is always a good thing (and we love good things).

Did we also mention The Fireplace is a WSU bar? Cause it is.

2320 Everett Ave
Everett, WA 98201

In 1st Place: The Independent Beer Bar

The winners by write-in, The Independent Beer Bar is fast becoming a staple in downtown for high-end craft beer (they do have cans of Rainier, though!), shuffleboard, trivia nights and Russian dumplings. You can bring your friends, and your dog, and your friends dog there, too (it’s a dog-friendly bar) and The Independent is a great place to prefunk before heading to a Silvertips game.

1801 Hewitt Ave
Everett, WA 98201


Congrats to the winners and everyone who placed!

Next up we're voting for Everett’s Best Vegetarian-Friendly Spot


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