Here's some of our most frequently asked questions. 
Last updated: 3-6-17

Is it Live in Everett like, "I live in a barn full of cows."? Or Live in Everett like, "hey man, you wanna go see a live concert this weekend?"?
Well technically it's live, like living in a barn full of cows. But, truth be told, it's whatever you want it to be.

How is Live In Everett funded?
Live In Everett is 100% independent and funded from sponsors, events, product sales and our personal $crilla. We launched October 2015, and have no affiliation with any other entities other than the other businesses we own, Milltown Creative and our real estate team which operates out of Lamoureux Real Estate

How do I become a sponsor of Live In Everett?
Our annual sponsors make this website possible. We love them. If you're interested, please let us know, and we're happy to chat and provide more info. 

Why are you always plugging that you're in real estate?
Since we reinvest every dollar Live in Everett makes back into Live In Everett, we don't draw any personal income from Live In Everett. So, we depend on our other businesses to pay the bills. Less than 10% of our content has anything to do with real estate or promoting our other businesses. We love Everett and want to provide value to our community, but at the end of the day we also include a little shameless plug here and there to make this whole thing work. 

Why don't you share more Everett homes for sale?
We can't share homes for sale without written permission from the listing agent. If you're interested in buying or selling a home, you're better off contacting us directly or viewing our Real Estate services

Where'd the Events Calendar go?
It's under the "Good Things" tab on the home page. The "Good Things" tab is a drop down menu where we will continue adding more and more sweet stuff for ya'll. It's currently where you can also find our swag shop, EVVY Award winners, and the Everett Happy Hour Guide.

Why is your grammar so badd?
Wait what? JK, we know we have grammar errors sometimes. We work fast and do the best we can with what we have. If we have to choose between perfect grammar or more content, we're choosing more content.

Can I write for your blog?
Please do! Check out our submission guidelines here

Will you advertise my event?
Sure. E-mail us a link to a landing page we can direct people to at least 2 weeks prior to your event. Only annual sponsors get guaranteed placement in our Weekly Goodness newsletter.

How do I search past blog content?
On Mobile, at the bottom of the blog page there's a search bar and category filter drop down menu. On Desktop, the search bar and category filter are on the upper right hand side. Search away.

Does Tyler dye his hair?
No. Well, at least he claims he doesn't.

What happened to the Weekly Deals?
In October 2016 we launched something called, "Everett Weekly Deals." We did for 10 weeks. Didn't get the response we were hoping for, so we decided to scrap it and put our energy elsewhere.

Something not on the list?
Email your questions to us at: