#LiveinEverett February Picks

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Forgive us for being mushy, but we just love you all so dang much. Thanks for making Everett a great place to be.

In light of that, go ahead and enjoy these top #liveineverett picks from Instagram!

1. Something about colorful doors just makes you want to walk through them, you know? Well, @wendycasper knows.

2.  Do I sense a future Live in Everett TV episode? Contributor @xtopher575 knows all the best, random food spots in Everett.

3. HA! Fisherman's Village Music Fest will be here before you know it, so better get those wristbands asap.

4. What kind of beautiful concoction could that be @catalystyoganw? One that needs to be in my belly, that's for sure.

5. Speaking of all things alcohol, Scuttlebutt has a sweet happy hour on Sundays (and the rest of the week). We ❤️ our sponsors.

6. Speaking of Scuttlebutt, @jonesjc captured some great shots at their Night Circus event. Check out the full set here.

7. Completely intrigued by this Turkish coffee @eatstaylovesnoco posted from Piroshky & Crepes: European Bakery & Cafe. Looks like a delicious experience.

8. Someone's been exploring Everett's best architectural spots and grabbing some dope BW shots. Welcome to Everett @veganseattlegal.

9. Looks like @everydaytreks took home a nice haul of fresh veggies from Farms & Market.

10. I'll leave you with this gorgeous shot of the Everett sunset, brought to you by @treemspnw.


That's all folks! Want to be featured in one our monthly #liveineverett posts? Use the hashtag on Instagram and we'll see if you're photography skillz are up to our standards 😉


Anna is an Everett-based graphic designer who eats donuts more often than clinicians deem "healthy". She also hangs with Tyler and Garret at Live in Everett, helping manage the daily doings of the site.