5 Options For New Years Eve-rett

With New Year's fast approaching (holy crap how did that happen?) we thought we'd throw together a list of a few things going on around town. Here's 5 options (all less than $50) for you to usher in 2016 Eve-rett style:

1) Imagine Children's Museum New Year's Eve Party (Kid Pick)
AKA- Crazy Hair Night. We're not sure what crazy hair night means exactly, but it sounds fun. Enjoy activities, entertainment, food, and the grand finale ball drop at 9pm. A fine way to celebrate with the kiddos and be done by 9 P.M... Did we mention there will be rocket racing? 
Time: 7-9pm
Price: $10-$15
More info: Here

2) Music at The Ballroom – The Everett New Year's Eve
Now that the kids are tucked in bed, you can go check out some live tunes featuring Sisters with Lemolo and DJ Michele Myers. This one's going down over at Xfinity Arena, or the Edward D. Hansen Conference Center to be precise. Curated by Everett Music Initiative, it's most likely going to be awesome.
Time: 9pm
Price: $20-$25
More Info: Here

3) Frozen Pizza at Home Watching Seinfeld Reruns
C'mon, we can't all be socialite party animals the one night per year the calendar demands us to. You think Seinfeld reruns are going to watch themselves?
Time: As you please
Price: Priceless (+$3.99 for the frozen pizza w/ a coupon)
Dress: Bathrobe and Star Wars slippers
More info: Here?

4) New Year's Eve Ball at Bluewater
If you're looking for a fancier way to bring in the new year, look no further. Bluewater will have a 5 course dinner, champagne toast, and a live jazz quartet featuring Latin Grammy vocalist Carlos Cascante. Say what!? Okay, we have no idea who that is, but they don't just give Grammy's to anyone, right?
Time: 7:30pm-1am
Price: $50
Dress: Black tie optional
More Info: Here

5) Crucible Brewing New Year's Eve Party
Free raffle tickets with every drink purchase. There'll be prizes every hour. Live music, good beer, and it's free! 
Time: 8pm
Price: Free
More Info: Here

Oh, and we're not trying to harsh your mellow or anything, but please don't drink and drive!

Happy New Year-ing.

Garret + Tyler

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