Two Guys Walk Into A Bar: Everett Comedy Night

We checked out Everett Comedy Night at Emory's on Silver Lake, last month and let us tell ya somethin' – we'll never miss it again. 

Here's 5 reasons why.

1) It's hosted by local comedian Cory Michaelis. He's an Everett Dude through-and-through who went to Cascade High, taught at Cascade High and volunteers in the community. He's hilarious and always brings world-class comedians. There's a reason this event is so popular! 

2) Emory's rules. We often forget about Emory's because it's not in North Everett and we rarely leave North Everett. It's a beautiful restaurant, they have a great view of the lake (amazing in the summer), awesome food and one of the best happy hours in Everett. 

3) We almost peed. Seriously, we've seen stand up comedy all over the country and the caliber at Emory's was great. We laughed out loud nearly all night and laughter is a great way to finish a weekend.

4) It's affordable. 10 bucks? Not bad for a live performance. You can't even see a movie for that price. As far as food goes, we split a pizza and each had a beer. Pizza was about $14, the beers were around $5.  

5) It's something different. How many movies and dinners can you go to before you need to mix it up? Try out Everett comedy night for your next date night. Worst case scenario, you'll get heckled and pee your pants. We suppose a waiter could always spill hot coffee on you as well. At least then you'll have an excuse why your pants are all wet.* 

*We're not funny.

Everett Comedy Night happens the 2nd Sunday of each month at 8:30. It's for ages 18+.

-Happy laughing.

T & G.