6 Frugal Food Finds in Everett

We thought we'd follow up last weeks post on frugal fall activities with some frugal food finds in Everett. Grab some pocket change, a date, and feast your eyes on these affordable food finds:

The Sisters: Tortilla breakfast
Get the whole and split it with a pal. It's huge and yummy. Bonus, every month they have new art on display. (Disclaimer: The Sisters is only open for breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday)
Cost: $9.25 (for the whole).

Pho Mai Noodles: Vietnamese Sandwich (Bánh mì
They have great vietnamese sandwiches that are tasty and loaded with veggies. So it's healthy, and actually tastes good. Perfect if you're like us and enjoy pretending like you're a grown up who likes eating vegetables.
Cost: $3.95 for a chicken, grilled pork, or tofu sandwich.

El Paraiso: "Crazy Mondays" – $1 tacos and beer in the bar
Choose from chicken or beef tacos in soft or crunchy shells. Disclaimer: the $1 beer bud light... so whether that's "real" beer or not, we'll let you decide.
Cost: $1+ (depends on how many bud lights you devour).

Sidekicks Bar and Grill: Wednesday $5 Steak Night
OK, actually it's two six ounce sirloin dinners with a baked potato and a salad for $10.00. So you have to bring a friend and split the bill to get your $5 steak... and you have to buy a beverage. But hey, not bad for a steak dinner. I used to eat here almost every week until some tipsy fellow got belligerent when I had my mom with me. Why do things always get weird when you take your mom for $5 steaks at the bar? 
Cost: $10 for two steak dinners.

Teriyaki Burger Stop: Chicken Teriyaki Burgers
I know what you're thinking, mash-up eateries are usually creepy and gross. Throw some teriyaki on a burger for less than $2 though, and we'll just go ahead and call that a tasty meal. Go for the spicy teriyaki chicken burger if you're feeling fiery. 
Cost: About $2 per burger (They're about the size of a McDonalds cheeseburger, but more filling).

The Anchor Pub: $1 train beers
Schooners of PBR are only a buck whenever a train passes by. Choo Choo. Gulp Gulp.
Also, if you're on a shoestring budget, try their shoestring fries. They're bomb, and only $4.
Cost: $1 + patience.

Happy Eating.