5 Things to Know About the New Riverfront Redevelopment

We checked out Engage Everett Wednesday night and had the pleasure of hearing the City of Everett's Economic Development Director, Lanie McMullin, give an update on the the new Riverfront Redevelopment. Here are 5 tidbits we learned about this exciting new development coming to North Everett.

1. The Riverfront Redevelopment consists of 3 different large sections all owned by Polygon Homes. All 3 sections run North to South along the Snohomish river (just East of 41st street), and range from around 40-70 acres each.

 All photos + images are from the  City of Everett's  website/master plan.

All photos + images are from the City of Everett's website/master plan.

2. The 43 acre South section of the Riverfront Redevelopment is known as Simpson Pad. Polygon will be building 238 single family homes on this section. Wow! That's a lot of new single family homes for a peninsula like North Everett. These homes are expected to be priced in the mid 300's to the mid 600's. We were also excited to see that when we did some rough math to calculate what the average lot size will be for these single family homes, we came up with an estimated lot size of about 6,000 square feet each (which is about average for Everett).  We hope this is the case and they won't be teeny tiny kind yards where you can reach both ends with your arms.

3. The middle section will be a commercial Town Center where you can get your shop/eat/drink on. The city of Everett already has 21 letters of intent from businesses looking to open up shop on this 67 acre section. They city of Everett is still working on solidifying some anchor tenants so they're not releasing the names just yet. The tricky thing about this particular section is that it's built over an old landfill, and so extra care must be taken during construction. We think someone should open up a bar there called The Tire Fire.

4. At the northern most section at the new Riverfront Redevelopment, Polygon Homes will be building over 200 townhouses. They'll be 3 stories high, probably somewhat similar to what they built over in Silver Lake. Prices are expected to range from the high 200's up to $400k.

5. As if the the Waterfront Place Development didn't already sound exciting enough for North Everett, the Riverfront Redevelopment sounds like it's going to be totally awesome, too. Along with being the largest new development in North Everett in decades, there will also be miles of walking trails and multiple parks. It'll also be alongside the Snohomish river so there should be some stellar easterly views. The city is also working on creating a convenient pedestrian and bike friendly route that will go from the Riverfront Development to Everett Station. Construction on the 400+ homes at the new Riverfront Development is expected to start before the end of this year (2016). 

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