Everett Events We're Looking Forward to in 2016

With the transition into 2016 we've been thinking about what's coming up in Everett this year. Here's some stuff we're excited about, in no particular order. 

Fisherman's Music Festival (May)
For sure, the free concerts are awesome, but Fisherman's Music Festival is on a whole other level. An entire weekend packed full of multiple bands at multiple venues all around Downtown Everett. Very cool. EMI knows how to throw a music festival and we're grateful they do!

4th of July Festivities (July)
The 4th of July is always super fun in Everett (except for last year when a seagull crapped on Garret's head). From the parade in the morning, to the fireworks festival in the evening. It's a whole day of awesomeness. 

The Live In Everett Swag Shop (Coming Soon)
We've heard people wish for some Everett-centric swag, so we're doing it! We've teamed up with a local artist to produce our first piece and we're really excited about it. Expect the shop to open sometime in the next couple of months. 

Everett Craft Beer Festival (August)
The one time per year we day drink (yeah right). Tons of craft beer, good music, great times. We can't wait.

The Bubble Run (August) 
Okay, we admit we've never done this race before. But it always looks super fun. It's gotta be, 20,000 people ran in it last year. 

Potala Market Opening (Sooner or later)
I think this place was supposed to open 9 times already, but that's cool. We have a strong feeling it'll be worth the wait. 

All the Free Concerts
Sets in the West, Music at the Marina, and all the others. There's tons of free weekly concerts in Everett during the Summer. And we can't wait for 'em. We'll have all of dates on the calendar when they become available. 

The Everett Food Truck Festival (August)
This event has gone down the last 3 years. Last year, there were 20 food trucks (and sooo many people) in downtown Everett sharing their tasty eats. We hear its supposed to be even bigger and better (and more organized) this year. In fact, we'll have a big announcement on the Food Truck Fest soon. Stay tuned! 

The Artists' Garage Sale (June)
If you like garage sales, and you like art, you will love this annual event. Great deals on art, supplies, and the like.

Fresh Paint (August) 
Everett's waterfront arts festival featuring over 100 artists. All artists work on pieces during the event, so you get to see them in action. Free and family friendly it's always a fun event.

Sorticulture (June) 
This ones for all you green thumbs out there. Another free festival (thanks to the City), Sorticulture combines gardening and art. There's food, activities, music, and our favorite, the beer/wine garden. 

The Mother of All Garage Sales (August)
This annual event happens in the Northwest neighborhood. It was cancelled in 2015 due to all of the sewer work that was being done. We're crossing our fingers the sale will be back in action this year! Tons of people have participated in the past which makes it a frugalitarian's dream.

Yeah, we know, most of these events are happening in the summer and that's a ways out. We'll keep you updated as other awesome events pop up. 

See you out there,
Garret + Tyler


Garret and Tyler are the founders of Live in Everett. They play racquetball three times per week (Tyler always wins, but only because he has longer arms) and they sell real estate.