Hi, I’m Garret.

Despite living over 1,000 miles away at the time, in my early 20’s, I decided Everett was the ideal place to put down roots.  I moved to Everett in 2009, and live near downtown with my wife, Esther.

Aside from helping with Live In Everett shenanigans, I help people buy and sell homes, create Youtube vlogs, and serve on Housing Hope’s Generations of Hope Steering Committee. You may spot me walking or bicycling around North Everett. I rarely leave the neighborhood... it has everything I need!

Connect with me:
Youtube: GarretHunt
Instagram: @Garret_Hunt or LiveInEverett
Facebook: garret.o.hunt or LiveInEverett

Read more here about why I love living in Everett.


Greetings, I’m Tyler.

I moved to Everett when I was 18, planning on making a short stop on my way to living in Seattle. It didn't take long before I realized that Everett was where I wanted to be, so I stayed.

Besides working in real estate with Garret, my wife Laura and I own a small creative company called Milltown Creative where we have the pleasure of working with great people and organizations around the community. I also play guitar in the band TELLERS and love watching the Everett music scene (it's a real thing) grow. Laura and I live in the Northwest neighborhood with our tiny dog Sheriff

Connect with me:
Twitter: @TylerJamesChism or LiveInEverett
Facebook: TylerJamesChism


Now that you know about who we are, we thought we'd tell you about why we run this website. Since candor and honesty are huge values for both of us, we think it's only fair to share that we're only here for the money.

Just kidding....

We both have long histories with Everett. We are advocates for making Everett better, and we do happen to sell Real Estate (We're both licensed w/ Lamoureux Real Estate). Live In Everett is a combination of those two passions. We know you're not thinking about making a move everyday, so we're not going to flood you with spammy solicitations. We're just going to provide awesome info on what's happening around Everett, and if you or anyone you know ever does need to make a move, maybe you'll give us a call? Either way, we're going to continue advocating for Everett, because it's our home, and we like it here.