Podcast Ep. 13: Kathy Coffey on Community Leadership

Kathy Coffey is the executive director for Leadership Snohomish County – a local non-profit that identifies and trains leaders in our community. They've been doing this work for 20 years now and have a robust who's who list of alumni that have served our community well. She's a friend of Live in Everett (and a mentor) and we're grateful that she took time to join us.

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Live In Everett Podcast Ep 7: Public Health and Safety With Hil Kaman (1 of 2)

How do we address and wrestle with the cognitive dissonance of wanting a healthy, vibrant and safe community, while simultaneously caring for, and trying to understand those dealing with addiction and mental illness?

In our interview with Hil Kaman, the City of Everett's Public Health and Safety Director we discuss these questions, and learn all about what the Mayor's office is doing to make Everett a safer place for us all.

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Podcast Ep. 4: Oliver Elf Army Are Everett 'Til The Grave

Martin and Mary Adams of the band Oliver Elf Army are the foster parents of Everett's young and emerging artists. The married duo lend their support and praise of other artists in the community as often as possible and without prejudice. They rock, they roll, and they're Everett 'til the grave.

Tune into this extra special long episode to hear their story, their music and bunch of mediocre jokes.

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