**Think of Barry White's voice before reading**

Oh, shoot. Do you feel that?
It's the Everett love....
It's just like normal love, but with a little more 'grit.'
Like a teddy bear that's been snuggled so much its eyes are missing and its fur is worn off.

**End Barry White voice**

We're thrilled to announce that we've teamed up with Elizabeth Person (she's the one behind Sketchy Everett) to bring you a new batch of Everett Valentines.

For a the past few years, Elizabeth has been designing these hilariously hyper-local Everett Valentines and distributing them digitally through her website. This year, we joined in along with a handful of cool local businesses to print a couple thousand of these bad boys to distribute to all of you Everett lovers.

Here's where you'll find 'em. Just buy somethin' and they'll give you one (while they last).

Also, if you've never been to these places, we've made some notes on our favorite things at each one.

1) The Sno-Isle Co-Op
We shop the Co-Op for local produce, their soup and farm-fresh eggs.

2) Sol Food
The Cubano sandwich is where it's at. Also, the Mojitos are too good.

3) The New Mexicans
The Green Enchiladas, any BBQ and their handmade margaritas. Their happy hour from 3-6 PM is a steal.

4) Lombardi's Italian
For lunch, get a pannini. Happy hour from 2 PM-close has amazing deals (we like the pizza). For dinner, order whatever's on their seasonal fresh sheet. It's always good.

5) Brews Almighty
Glorious beer. Wednesday is Hoppy Hump Day. Deals on IPA.