Live in Everett Contributors 

These awesome people help make this website possible. Look for their work on the Blog and if you see them on the street, give 'em a high five.
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ELIZABETH PERSON – Sketchy Everett

Elizabeth is an Everett, Washington-based artist and graphic designer. Using pen and watercolor, she sketches from life and creates 'illustrative infographics,' often featuring Northwest themes. Her illustrations can be spotted at local cafés, on concert posters, and, most recently, at her favorite store, Metsker's Maps of Seattle. She has served as a Cultural Arts Commissioner for the City of Everett since 2011. Visit to view her work. She is committed to exploring Everett's 'sketchiness' from sunup to sundown. 

RICHARD PORTER – everett lover, blogger

Richard Porter is a social worker and musician. He lives in North Everett with his wife and two children. His favorite local activities include running on Marine View Drive, bicycling down tree-lined streets, and trying to coax vegetables out of his yard.

Brad Photo_BW.jpg

Brad Heyne – Food and other general tastiness  

Brad is an Everett, Washington-based barista and musician. He's currently managing the Silver Cup Café in downtown Everett and playing in the local band, Preacher's Wife. His affinity for great flavors, music and nightlife makes him a familiar face and you'll often spot him at a show, a bar, or grabbing happy hour with friends. We often joke that when you eat somewhere with Brad, just order whatever he orders – because it's always better than anything you'd pick. Look for his posts on the blog, they'll help you know what to eat and drink in Everett at any given time. 

Brooks Smothers – The growler: BEER IN EVERETT 

Brooks doesn’t just love beer, he has been home brewing the stuff for over a decade. Whether it's bubbling in the fermentor or being enjoyed at the local pub with friends, he loves it all from the vast styles to the way it brings people together (although he admits he loathes pumpkin beer). Born and raised in Washington, after moving around the Country, he and his wife found their way back to Everett. He admits they’ve drank the Everett kool-aid, which makes him the perfect dude to share on all things beer in Everett.

Anna Tatistcheff – The nerd in the family 

Anna is a freelance graphic designer based out of Everett who specializes in print and digital design. Coming from a family of nerds, she loves playing Legend of Zelda, binge watching Harry Potter, and driving around in her Nissan Cube (with a Firefly sticker to match). When not coming up with gag-worthy puns, she enjoys inhaling great food and cider, romping around with her canine Dixie, and going on mini adventures in Everett with her hubby. Oh, and she also helps manage Live in Everett's site. No biggie. You can check out her business, Rascal Media, here.