Sunday Nightlife - NYP Bar and Grill

I work a typical Monday through Friday schedule. My wife, however, does not. She works Wednesday through Sunday, which means that when her shift ends at the end of her week, there are a fewer number of options for us to go out and get a drink and a bite to eat. Therefore, I bring you the first in a series of what I call Sunday Nightlife.

This past Sunday, we went to one of the places that we can always count on: NYP Bar and Grill. This place is in South Everett, located where the Olive Garden was (before O.G. moved into the Everett Mall parking lot). NYP holds a special place for my wife and me, as we were going to their Bellingham location while she was a student at Western. Since that time, they have grown from 2 locations to 5 spanning from Lynden to Seattle.

What makes this a great option for a Sunday is that they have their happy hour menu open all day. All day? All day. And if you haven’t seen their happy hour menu, it’s crazy big. Everything from martinis and wells, to dips and spreads, to full pizzas and burgers. You could feasibly go in 20 Sundays in a row and not have the same thing twice.

The other big draw here, if you enjoy beer, is their large tap selection. Look at almost any corner of the place, and you’ll see a flat screen monitor that shows what’s on tap, as well as the color of the beer (light, medium, blonde, etc.) and how much is left of the keg, so you’ll know what you’re getting, and how much more of it you can have before they rotate something else in. The list is flush with local brews, popular micros, and enough of the big guys that anybody who wants a pint can find something to their liking.

So, if it’s Sunday night, and you are already in South Everett or not opposed to the quick drive there from downtown, NYP will give you a plethora of options for good food and drinks all the way up to midnight, which is when they close the doors each night.