What's the Story: At Large Brewing Company

We recently checked out Everett's newest brewery, At Large Brewing Company and we we're really impressed. On opening night they were rocking and rolling immediately with a full beer menu and awesome staff. We asked one of the owners, Karen, a few questions to give you a guys a little insight on At Large.

How long has At Large Brewing been at large?
At Large started out in a garage in Marysville, WA in April 2015. We were a garage brewery that was growler fill and keg rental only, due to location. Jim and I have been brewing since 2011 though, and it was our passion for brewing that started this venture.

Who owns the brewery? 
The brewery is owned by Jim Weisweaver and Karen Larsen.

We really like the vibe of the brewery. How did you come up with the name and the whole feel for the place?
At Large Brewing was our second choice; our first choice has a lengthy story behind it, as to why we decided not to go with it. At Large was bounced back and forth between Jim and some good friends and it just worked. As for the location, it just spoke “At Large” when we first saw it and we knew we had something to work with. The open rafter ceiling and large in ground building was something we knew we would build off of, to maintain the character.

What made you decide to open up shop in Everett? 
When we realized the majority of our customers were anxious for us to sell pints, we started looking for possible locations in Everett and Lake Stevens back in September of 2015. Shortly after that, Dave Graef, from, Skotdal Real Estate, did a great job finding us this location. We considered multiple places, but this one had the outdoor seating, that we felt was a must in Washington. You need to take advantage of all the nice sunny days here. It had plenty of parking, another must. The bonus was the large open feel and size of the building.

What makes At Large unique?
We have a wide range in styles of craft beer, but I feel we specialize in IPA’s. They range from Traditional IPA’s, Session IPA’s, a Black Session IPA, Hop forward IPA’s and Double IPA’s. We also have a guest tap of cider always pouring and non-alcoholic root beer on tap.

Bonnie, Session IPA (photo stolen from At Large's Facebook).

If you were stranded on Jetty Island and could only have one beer with you, which beer would it be?
I would bring our Hitting On All 6, it’s an aggressively dry hopped IPA. Jim would bring our All Bark, No Bite, Double IPA. Then we would share, so technically we would have two choices.

We were really impressed with how organized everything was at the grand opening. Especially considering the place was packed. Do you have any big plans for the future, or are things pretty much rocking and rolling for now?
We didn’t have our kitchen up and running during Grand Opening, we brought in food trucks instead. But we do have a full kitchen with a menu of several different kinds of made-to-order hot dogs and nacho’s. Our plan is to have our full menu rolling shortly, which will include several different panini’s and sandwiches.

Otherwise, other than growth in our brew system, we are pretty much rolling.

A full and happy house on grand opening night.

So that's the scoop on At Large Brewing. Thanks to Karen for doing this pint-sized interview with us. You can check out At Large's drink menu here, or even better, go pay them a visit.

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